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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Victory for Obama!

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Obama/ BidenCNN’s Research Center has released their polls assessing the performance of Presidential candidates Senator Barack Obama and John McCain in the second presidential debate. Like the first debate, the overwhelming majority of Americans who watched the debate believed Barack Obama “won.” However, unlike the first debate, which captured a large percentage of viewers who were registered Democrats, the sample assessed for this poll was much more representative of the party affiliations of the general American public (38% Dem; 31% Rep; the remaining Ind).


Here are the results of the CNN Polls:


1. Who “won” the presidential debate? Barack Obama: 54% John McCain: 30%


2. Who would better handle the Iraq War? Barack Obama: 51% John McCain: 47%


3. Who would better handle terrorism? John McCain: 51% Barack Obama: 46%

(Note: This was the only sub-category where McCain outscored Obama)


4. Who seemed to be the strongest leader? Barack Obama: 54% John McCain: 43%


5. Who was more likeable in the debate? Barack Obama: 65% John McCain: 28%


6. Who would better handle the American economy?* Barack Obama: 59% John McCain: 37%


7. Who would better handle America’s financial crisis?* Barack Obama: 57% John McCain: 36%


*- Note: Most voters [60%] indicate these are the most critical issues facing America right now. This could indicate a major victory for Barack Obama come election day simply because the lead he currently holds over John McCain is too large in the most critical voting issue–in fact, it’s double-digit large at 22% and 21% respectively. Historically speaking, the last time Americans identified a crippled economy as the most significant issue facing the country during an election season, President Bill Clinton handed then and one-term only President George Bush his walking papers.


So again…CONGRATULATIONS BARACK OBAMA!!! Keep-up the momentum all the way through election day to ensure our BEST candidate takes the White House!

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