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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Wins Final Debate and Solidifies Electoral College

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vp_splash_carmag2.jpgSenators Barack Obama and John McCain completed the final debate of the American presidential election on the same day Barack Obama secured just enough projected votes within the United States’ Electoral College to secure his victory on November 4th. Like the previous two debates, most viewers overwhelmingly indicated Barack Obama was the clear “winner” of the debate. CNN’s Research Center found 58% of viewers believed Barack Obama won the debate while 31% believed John McCain did. Alternatively, in the undecided (perhaps the most important segment of voters), CBS News reported a downright thrashing of John McCain by Obama (53% believed Obama won while 22% believed McCain won; 25% judged the debate as a draw).

 McCain continued twisting facts and personally attacking Obama, which only perpetuated the negative reaction from voters that has been characteristic of the last few weeks. Obama’s favorability rose from 63% to 66% while McCain’s dropped from 51% to 49%. The projected Electoral College map also shifted dramatically today. While some news agencies like Reuters did this weeks ago, CNN updated their map projections today after polls indicate Obama should win Virginia, awarding Obama with 274 votes (270 needed to win) to McCain’s 174. Practically all public “litmus tests” have strongly predicted an Obama victory in less than 3 weeks.

However, it must be emphasized these numbers do not support complacency. We MUST continue to rally support for the Obama-Biden ticket and educate people on why 4 more years of Republican “leadership” will only further damage our great nation. Make sure you are educating your friends, family, and loved ones to get out and vote for Obama! For the final time…CONGRATULATIONS OBAMA!!! Let’s keep-up the momentum to return intelligence and dignity to the United States of America.

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