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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Great Day for America

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vp_splash_carmag1.jpgA Look Back and Ahead: Hallelujah! On November 4th, Barack Obama won the national election to become the next President of the United States. Marked by unprecedented voter turnout, Obama will become the nation’s first African American President. This is indeed wonderful news for the United States and our allies throughout the world. Those who voted for Obama supported him based on his positive message of change, realistic and equitable approaches to solving our current economic turmoil, and cool and intelligent views on foreign and social policy. Just as importantly, the national balance of power dramatically shifted to the Democrats, who increased their dominance of the House and Senate. As of this writing, it appears they lack the votes needed for a super-majority (>60%). But the American people have clearly spoken: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am so hopeful our new leaders will be able to amend the ravages the Republicans have caused over the last 8 years. It will take much longer than Obama’s first term; but if Americans are steadfast, I have the utmost faith President Obama will move-us beyond the failures of George Bush and the Republicans and bring the USA back to its once thriving self.

Pre-Election Predictions: My predictions were fairly accurate with one great exception: Obama won Florida! Amendment 2 sadly passed as predicted and although Obama handed McCain a bloodbath in the Electoral College (338 vs. 141 votes as of this writing), as I predicted, the national and Florida popular votes were much tighter, (51.3% to 47.5% and 51% to 48% respectively as of this writing).

Future Sociopolitical Significance: As I mentioned earlier, one of my predictions was an Obama win signaling a deep-changing political outlook beginning in the United States. Interesting, watching CNN it appears many of their political scientists agree with me. 66% of young voters who were eligible to vote did so (the vast majority throwing their support to Obama). I have seen a trend in the sociological research (and in my own research studies) towards a much more liberal approach to governance within younger persons, who are now reaching voting age. This could be a sign the Republican Party as we know it is going to have to change their political platform dramatically if they want to remain contenders for a political voice in the United States. Of course, this trend may have not as been as strong in Florida, where voters approved Amendment 2.

Amendment 2: As I predicted, Amendment 2, the so-called “Marriage Protection Amendment” passed, earning more than the 60% needed for inclusion in Florida’s State Constitution. Confusion in wording which made the Amendment appear positive might have attributed to this; but more than likely religious-fueled ignorance, homophobia, and bigotry played a much larger role. On a personal note, as an openly gay man born and raised in Florida, I have never in my life been more fearful of discrimination and governmental intrusion into my life. Growing-up as a gay person is so difficult and making the incredibly difficult choice to come-out and be honest about yourself to your friends, family, and loved ones is a remarkably difficult yet liberating decision. This Amendment is a direct assault on me as a person, essentially telling me who I love and commit myself to is not acceptable by law, making my life less valuable than that of a heterosexual. I guess the promise of our founders to provide American life “with liberty and justice for all” doesn’t apply to me. However, Obama’s election does provide some bright light. If President Obama keeps his word and fights hard for civil unions or marriage equality for everyone, the shift in power to the Democrats may be just enough to create legislation that provides the legal validity to these partnerships, which would overturn these Amendments at the state level. Either way, I have never been disgraced to be a Floridian. This disgusting Amendment has truly brought disgrace to our state.

Regardless of who you supported, please join our next President Barack Obama as he and the new Democratic leaders embark on the daunting challenge to restore America back to where it was before the Republicans practically destroyed it. God bless the United States of America and congratulations to our new President-Elect, Barack Obama.

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