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Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama to Name Hillary Clinton Secretary of State

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hillary.jpgIt was reported today that after Thanksgiving, President-Elect Barack Obama will name Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State for his cabinet. Obama, who has wasted no time in reviewing Bush’s executive orders (including the ban on stem cell research which Obama vows to reverse immediately once he takes office) and policies on off-shore drilling, has been assembling a strong cabinet that will provide the essential leadership that has been largely lacking for the past 8 years. Although many suspected Clinton might be offered the post, some critics voiced concern over the extensive involvement in foreign affairs of her husband as a potential conflict of interest. However, these concerns were deemed unwarranted after President Clinton fully disclosed the financial documents of his charitable organizations that provide services to over 40 impoverished nations. This nomination unites Clinton with Obama officially and allows two very intelligent leaders the ability to form a partnership that should benefit the United States quite positively. Obama’s other appointments include Eric Holder as Attorney General and Tom Daschle as Health Secretary. Clinton’s departure of the Senate shouldn’t cause a significant impact as the likelihood of a Democrat replacing her would be quite high given the strong support Democrats enjoy in New York. Congratulations Hillary! Although Obama has yet to take office, he is already demonstrating extraordinary leadership as he begins to build his advising team.

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