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Monday, December 8, 2008

Dems Demand Crist Pay

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democraticimage1.jpgFlorida’s Democratic Party is demanding Republican Governor Charlie Crist repay taxpayers for his over-the-top taxpayer subsidized trip to Europe he took last Summer as part of a “trade mission.” Former Congresswoman and Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman stated, “With tours of Buckingham Palace and visits to the Eiffel Tower on his agenda, it was clear at the time that his trip served as a taxpayer-financed vacation. While some positive results may come from the trip, the lavish accommodations and first class travel were beyond excessive.” The over $430,000 trip comes at a time when Florida is operating on one of its largest budget deficits ever. Looks like the wonderful “leadership” the Republicans gave us at the federal level is following their “trickle-down” economic myth they’ve subscribed to for years. I only hope Floridians show some intelligence and repay Crist at the polls in 2 years.

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