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Friday, January 2, 2009

Tucking Their Tails Between Their Legs

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antirepublican.jpgPolitico is reporting the few remaining Republicans in federal office are planning to be MIA when President-elect Barack Obama is sworn-in on January 20th: Out of power on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and mostly out of favor on K Street, many emasculated elephants in the GOP herd will begin the Age of Obama with what amounts to an extended holiday vacation. Instead of fighting the quadrennial cold and what are expected to be record-setting crowds, they’re heading out to greener pastures, with better temperatures, less hassle and more agreeable company. 

“What better way to mark the Obama Inauguration (and his millions of adoring fans that will be in D.C.) than to get out of town to fabulous Las Vegas!” Charlie Spies, a Republican lawyer and former CFO to Mitt Romney’s campaign wrote in a blast e-mail to GOP friends. “We hope you can join us for dinner and a fun evening on Monday, Jan. 19, to celebrate the last few hours of our Republican president in the White House

Since that Republican president has been the worst in our nation’s history, I suppose those Republicans celebrating on January 19th will be quite a small minority compared to the vast majority of Americans who are welcoming in a new era of hope for a president who has the amazing task of fixing Bush’s mess for the next 4-8 years on January 2oth (see “Don’t Let the Door Hit You Post” below). Happy New Year and good riddance George Bush!

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