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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keep it Up!!!

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If you’ve not heard by now “teabagging protests” are being held across the nation by thousands of conservative idealists, angry because President Barack Obama is having to make very tough and expensive fiscal decisions necessary to end the economic disaster caused by George Bush and the Republicans from the previous administration. Calling Obama names like “fascist” and comparing him to Adolph Hitler, these individuals are showing not only their ignorance and stupidity, but also that they are members of an ever-dwindling minority. Obama’s approval ratings have remained quite high, averaging between 55%-59% since March. Senior Political Analyst David Gergen hits the nail on the head in this video clip. As far as I’m concerned…KEEP IT UP!!! As long as the “teabagging” events continue to show just how off-base these fringe conservatives, and largely, Republicans, are, we can all hope the populace will continue to laugh at their ridiculous sentiments.

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