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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lou Holtz Considering Bid for Florida Congressional Seat

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Former Notre Dame football coach and current ESPN commentator Lou Holtz is considering a run for the US Congress in Central Florida. Holtz would run as a Republican against newly-elected Democrat Suzanne Kosmas. As the Orlando Sentinel reported, if Holtz runs, he would join an already-crowded GOP primary field that includes two state legislators and a Winter Park city commissioner. Still, even at the age of 72, the prospect of Holtz getting in has Republicans buzzing about his fundraising ability and aura of celebrity. Suzanne Kosmas replaced the corrupt Republican dolt Tom Fenney in the 2008 election and thus far, she has been an outstanding Representative for Central Florida. I have personally contacted her office 4 times, urging her to vote for important legislation related to healthcare reform and GLBT civil rights. Each time, she has responded in-favor of initiatives which are reversing the horrendous trend set by Fenney. While I am a fan of Holtz for his college football insight, I am NOT in-favor of having him elected to an office that requires a progressive and intelligent policymaker. Holtz has been a staunch Republican (even providing an hour-long pep talk to Republican politicians after their largescale defeats in 2007) and has also been in hot-water for recently labeling Adolf Hitler as a “great leader.” Now is not the time to elect conservative Republican celebrities to Congress. We need to continue forward-progress and thus far, Suzanne Kosmas has shown she is just the person to bring-forth the change we so desperately need.

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