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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Town Hall “Disruptions” Increasingly Ridiculous

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antirepublican.jpgAlthough I have been quietly laughing at the Republican-staged “disruptions” at Democratic leaders’ townhall meetings over the past couple of weeks, deeming them largely un-newsworthy, ignorance, bigotry, and stupidity couldn’t be more obvious. From gun-toting morons flashing their holsters and delivering hate-filled speech spewing erroneous “facts” to racist rednecks destroying posters of Rosa Parks or swastika-painting vandals, these displays are becoming more of a “Circus” than Britney Spears’ latest concert tour. And, let’s be honest people. These “protests” consist of nothing more than the same ridiculous sour-puss people who staged the laughable tea-party protests shortly after President Obama was elected. These have NOTHING to do with healthcare reform; these right wingnuts are using healthcare reform as a platform to continue their crying spree over the election of a Black President and a changing American populace who will continue to ensure conservative lunacy maintains its slow and miserable death.

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