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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UCF Alum’s “Surrogates” in Theaters Friday

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surrogates poster Bruce Willis by MyCine.¬†Robert Vendetti, an alumni from the¬†University of Central Florida’s College of Graduate Studies, sees the release of the motion picture based on his graphic novel on comic book series Surrogates released this Friday in movie theaters nationwide. Entertainment Weekly called this tale of people who live vicarious lives through their artificial (and artificially gorgeous) “surrogates” “a resplendently grimy commentary” on our times. “The minute I heard Bruce Willis was cast was the first moment I allowed myself to hope that this might actually get turned into a movie,” Venditti says with a laugh. “A producer who had just hung out his shingle called me up [Max Handelman]. He shopped it around, ran into a studio guy who had just seen Sin City and wanted ‘something edgy, comic-booky’ like that. So Mandeville Films got involved, then Jonathan Mostow [director of U-571, Terminator 3], with screenwriters from Terminator 3. “I’ve been involved, at least in the loop,” he says. “I looked at it from the perspective that these other people were creative minds in their own right. If they’re inspired by something I did to bring their own creativity to it, I’m taking that as a compliment and letting them do what they want. They were staying true to the themes and adding their own ideas and plot lines and characters. You know they’re going to add explosions. That’s Hollywood.” Surrogates releases Friday from Touchstone Pictures. To visit the ridiculously cool official Site for Surrogates: http://chooseyoursurrogate.com/.

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