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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Cove and Ringling Brothers

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 If you’ve not heard of the documentary The Cove, then I strongly recommend you head-down to your local Blockbuster or Redbox and get a copy of this movie. It will break your heart and have you searching your soul wondering how anyone could ever abuse and slaughter such beautiful and amazingly intelligent animals like dolphins. The documentary follows a group of American marine biologists and researchers who struggle to covertly document the horrific dolphin slaughters occurring in Taijii, Japan. Once you learn of the barbaric practices and disgusting animal abuse being inflicted on these amazing animals, your heartbreak will soon turn to anger. To learn more about The Cove, visit the film’s official Site @ thecovemovie.com.

In equally horrific related news, photographic evidence emerged today from an undercover investigation into elephant abuses being perpetrated by Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus. The photographs shows disgusting examples of how “trainers” whip baby elephants and use electric shock devices and bullhooks to subdue them. Explore the Site ringlingbeatsanimals.com and although difficult, watch the undercover videos and pictures of subhuman “trainers” whipping the elephants without provocation; and even  listen to one of them bully and taunt an elephant by swearing at it while whipping it.

These cases are especially difficult to watch and are even harder to stomach. But, we need to educate people about what is happening. Ignoring these incidences only allows them to perpetuate. Discourage people from patronizing Ringling Brothers Circuses. Watch The Cove and take a minute to write to our leaders encouraging them to fight these exploitations. Finally, open your checkbook and join The Humane Society of the United States. Education and hard work can make a difference. And subhumans who abuse animals can be brought to justice.

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