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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Research to be Published in Social Work in Public Health

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Publication Cover Great news! I just received a confirmation E-Mail from the editor of Social Work in Public Health informing me my research article “Requests for Bareback Sex and HIV Serostatus among Men who Have Sex with Men Using Internet Sexual Networking Sites to Initiate Sexual Relationships” has been ACCEPTED for publication! Social Work in Public Health is a crucial journal focusing on all aspects of policy and social and health care considerations in policy-related matters, including its development, formulation, implementation, evaluation, review, and revision. By blending conceptual and practical considerations, Social Work in Public Health enables authors from many disciplines to examine health and social policy issues, concerns, and questions. Dr. Mary Lou Sole partnered with me in the work, providing great assistance in the statistical analyses of my research. Below is the APA Citation and Abstract:

Blackwell, C.W. & Sole, M.L.S. (In Press). Requests for bareback sex and HIV serostatus among sen who have sex with men using Internet sexual networking sites to initiate sexual relationships. Social Work in Public Health.

Abstract: The use of Internet sexual networking sites is becoming a more prominent means for men who have sex with men (MSM) to initiate sexual relationships. The widespread use of such sites provides quick and often more anonymous access to the initiation of sexual relationships, which research suggests can make an impact on sexual decision making. This article presents findings from an original research study assessing the association between active requests for condomless (bareback) sex through personal Internet sexual profiles and HIV serostatus in a sample of MSM in Florida (n = 483). The findings indicated a statistically significant association between those men who actively requested bareback (BB) sex in their profile and HIV status. The association was significant for HIV-positive serostatus and unknown/non-disclosed HIV serostatus.  This suggests clinicians should consider the possible use of Internet sexual networking sites when discussing safer sex practices with their MSM clients, and specific public health strategies should be designed that promote safer sex practices among MSM using the Internet to initiate sexual relationships.

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