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Sunday, January 17, 2010

UF’s Tim Tebow Records Super Bowl Commercial for Anti-Gay Group

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View Image  Tim Tebow, the University of Florida Gators’ quarterback for the last several seasons, has filmed a Christian-themed anti-abortion commercial for an organization with strong anti-gay ties. The ad, costing nearly $3-million, will air during this year’s Super Bowl and provides the following anti-abortion message by Tebow’s mother: “Pam Tebow contacted amoebic dysentery while on a Philippines mission, and the bacterial infection sent her into a coma. Upon recovery, doctors urged Pam to have an abortion because of the damage to her body. Tebow was born healthy on Aug. 14, 1987.” The ad is being paid for by Focus on the Family, who over the years has funneled millions of dollars to fight equality legislation for GLBT Americans. Most recently, the group donated nearly $1 million to strip-away marriage equality rights in California’s Proposition 8 ballot initiative. Hmmm… Nearly $4 million spent on promoting conservative social policies which strip away the rights of women and minorities…That’s a lot of money that could’ve been spent on helping the homeless, researching cures for cancer, or providing healthcare to the poor…What Would Jesus Do?

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