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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Faux News Blasts New Lady GaGa Video–HILARIOUS–A MUST SEE!!!

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Go to fullsize image While I HATE to give Fox (or more appropriately, Faux) News any attention, this video is simply a MUST SEE!!! I laughed at these two idiots from start to finish. You have to watch this for yourself as these Faux News “reporters” discuss just how “disgusting” Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” video is and even suggest benefits to censorship! While media scientists and researchers discredited Fox News a long time ago (for more information, rent the documentary Outfoxed!), this laughable commentary is simply irresistible! The two are just “horrified” by the social results of such filth! LOL And listen to one of them describe how she taught her son how to interpret what media are socially moral and which are not! Too bad for her son and all other adolescents–They just can’t seem to be able to define what is fiction and what is not. LOL Like I said, take a look. As sad as this is, it is really a hoot!

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