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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faux News Reporter PWNED by White House Press Secretary

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  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs PWNED a Faux News Reporter yesterday in his morning press briefing after exposing Faux’s attempts to sensationalize the oil spill disaster as the work of the Obama Administration! Apparently, the former failed FEMA Director under George Bush actually insinuated (unquestioned) during his Faux News interview on Tuesday that in order to curtail support for offshore drilling (which, by the way–Obama just expanded but will hopefully reconsider), Obama concocted the disaster but it “got out of hand.” Obama has been one of the few politicians brave enough to call Faux News out on its completed slanted idiocy. But, this video is a must-see as the Faux News reporter has little to rebut after Gibbs laughs at the accusations and brushes-off Faux News for what it really is. Watch below:

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