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Friday, July 2, 2010

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple iPhone 4 and AT&T

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I have been a proud owner of the Apple iPhone 3G now for about 6 months and I have to admit, I wonder what the hell I ever did BEFORE I owned my iPhone. It even sold me on the iPad, which I have also really learned to depend on as a new addition to my work and personal computing arsenal. Now, although I love my iPhone, you won’t see me waiting in line to purchase the new iPhone 4 (regardless of the flawed internal antenna issues being reported). In fact, I was in the Tampa Apple Store last week when the new phone streeted and I was shocked to see the onslaught of computer geeks and 40 year-old virgins who were actually waiting in-line for the phone. Um–DON’T THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS??? While I was enjoying the last day of my vacation, I was left scratching my head as to why these people would be waiting in line for hours (instead of working) to buy a very expensive gadget–I certainly hope they weren’t using their government-issued Unemployment Compensation checks to buy an iPhone 4. Now, as much love as I have for the iPhone, that adoration doesn’t extend to AT&T, who has owned a monopoly on the iPhone since it debuted several years ago. The network is plagued by dropped calls and other problems and has received a hefty amount of criticism for it. While rumors have been circulating that Verizon will soon begin carrying the iPhone, a lawsuit was filed in Maryland a few days ago challenging Apple and AT&T’s contract of exclusivity on the iPhone. It could be erroneous–Lots of cell carries have exclusive deals with certain phone manufacturers. But perhaps this suit will begin to crack the solid handshake between Apple and AT&T. Ironically, despite AT&T’s exclusivity contract with Apple for the iPhone, AT&T’s stock has not improved a penny since they began exclusively carrying the device. 

Click the Link below to see a copy of the suit:

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple iPhone 4 and AT&T

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