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Monday, October 11, 2010

Important Endorsements

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Some Very Important Endorsements

With the midterm elections right around the corner, it is imperative to take an educated look at the candidates running for office before choosing who to mark on your ballot. Below are my endorsements for the major elections on November 2nd. I encourage you to take some time to educate yourself on where these candidates stand on the issues and see for yourselves why I selected to case my vote in their favor:

Governor: Alex Sink, Democrat

General: Alex Sink (D) faces opposition for the Governor’s Seat from Republican Rick Scott. As CEO of HCA/Columbia, Rick Scott personally steered the company during the early 1990’s, when hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen from Medicare and Medicaid in fraudulent billing for services and fraudulent reporting of medical service provision. In addition, Scott’s current company, Solantic has been investigated several times for fraud and misrepresentation of service provision for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.


Economic: Sink’s economic plan outlines strategies to both immediately create jobs through removal of red tape for small business owner’s and maintain long-term growth by cutting taxes for small business owners. Sink’s plan calls to initiate tax breaks for small businesses that are tied directly to the amount that company pays in federal taxes. Essentially, the more jobs (up to 20) that small business creates, the more tax credit the State of Florida would provide as an incentive.

Healthcare: Endorsed by the Florida Nurses Association

GLBT Issues: Endorsed by Equality Florida

State Senator: Charlie Crist (Independent)

General: While I have spoken unfavorably of Charlie Crist in the past, during this election, it is important to give him support. Crist has a track-record of being an anti-gay politician and his own sexuality has been the subject of much debate (rent the DVD Outrage for more information). However, lately, Crist has begun to change his stance on the issues. Most recently, as Florida’s Governor, he vowed not to challenge the overturn of Florida’s ban on gay adoptions by a federal judge. And if elected to the Senate, Crist has indicated he would vote to repeal the discriminatory don’t ask don’t tell policy. Although he has yet to support marriage equality, he does at least support civil unions and has remarked that G/L couples should be given the same equal rights granted to heterosexual couples. Of most significance, however, is Crist’s main rival, Marco Rubio, a dangerous tea-bagger who is vehemently anti-gay, Rubio’s policy stances are not only dangerously wrong, but are so ultra-conservative, they would reverse any forward progress and place the economic recovery of our country on a dangerous and damaging course. While I am a staunch Democrat, there is no possibility that Kendrick Meek can win this Senate seat. PLEASE SUPPORT CHARLIE CRIST. We MUST stop Marco Rubio at ALL COST.


Federal Congress, 24th District: Suzanne Kosmas (Democrat)

General: Suzanne Kosmas was elected in 2008 and replaced disgrace and corrupt Republican Congressman Tom Feeney. Kosmas faces a tough opponent in Sandy Adams, who happens to be my Republican state representative.Adams has had quite a bit of funding and has led an attack-ad desperately trying to make Kosmas look like Nancy Pelosi. I have contacted Kosmas several times about the need for important legislation passage, including healthcare reform, repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, and issues on animal protections. Each time, Kosmas has contacted me affirming she would vote favorably for each piece of legislation; and she did. Sandy Adams on the other hand—gave me and my group the cold shoulder two years ago in Tallahassee when we went to her office to discuss issues related to nursing and healthcare in Florida.

Economic:  Kosmas has backed strong government accountability in spending and was a small business owner for over 30 years on the east coast of Central Florida. She has supported numerous pieces of legislation designed to reduce taxes on small business owners and fought hard to keep maintain funding for NASA.

Healthcare: Strong advocate for healthcare reform, including tax break incentives for small business owners who provide health insurance to their employees.

GLBT Issues: Voted for repeal of DADT, supports repeal of DOMA, and supports ENDA.

Other Endorsements: Alan Grayson (D-D8), Leo Cruz (D-D33), Amy Mercado (D-D35) Scott Randolph (D-D36), Todd Christian D-D40) Lee Douglas (D-D41), Darren Soto (D-D49).

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