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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Concert Review: ERASURE’s Tomorrow’s World Tour

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I had the absolute treat of having the opportunity to see ERASURE, one of my all-time favorite music groups, perform to a raucous and sold-out crowd at Orlando’s House of Blues last Friday night. The Tomorrow’s World¬†tour stopped in Orlando and was greeted enthusiastically by thousands of adoring fans. The pop-duo split the concert between their new and their old, playing about 75% of their old pop hits and 25% from their forthcoming new album Tomorrow’s World, which releases from Mute Records in October. Andy and Vince were joined by two backup singers (affectionately termed “The Gazelles” in the last ERASURE tour) and played for close to two hours! Andy’s deep and sweet vocals sounded just as good as they always do; and while he decided to take the lower register when performing the duo’s new single “When I Start To Break it All Down,” he sounded (and looked) perfect! Andy Bell has obviously been hitting the gym and might even have had a Botox injection (or two). ERASURE’s other half, Vince Clark, spent his time either mixing the background music on his MacBook or strumming to his guitar. The entire performance was electrical and kept the audience singing and dancing along. The set was somewhat more gothic than would be expected for ERASURE with Vince’s Mac resting atop a gargoyle and multiple towering metal structures flanking the stage. Nonetheless, it provided a fresh and interesting twist on your typical pop stage. Another pleasant surprise was ERASURE’s opening act Frankmusik. While opening acts are usually a letdown and make the audience really¬†yearn for the headliner, Frankmusik got the crowd pumped and showed some truly amazing talent. While he has produced songs for Lady GaGa and Madonna (as well as producing ERASURE’s entire new album), he is mostly an unknown. Well if his performance on Friday is any indication, that is about to change. Take a look at Frankmusik’s video for his new single “Do it in the AM” which is from his forthcoming album of the same name which releases from Universal Records on September 27th:

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