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Monday, July 1, 2019

Dr. Blackwell’s Research to be Published in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing

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Dr. Blackwell’s original article, “Demonstrating Nursing Excellence through Equality: The Relationship Between Magnet®Status and Organizational LGBTQ Client Services and Support” has been ACCEPTED for publication in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing. The article explores findings from Dr. Blackwell’s work examining the relationship between healthcare organizations’ score on the HRC Healthcare Equality Index and their status as being a Magnet®-recognized institution. The article, focusing on the importance of results assessing the specific HRC HEI dimension of Organizational LGBTQ Client Services and Support, will be published later this year. The abstract appears below:

Introduction: Human Rights Campaign (HRC) annually scores healthcare treatment of LGBTQ employees and clients among four measured dimensions in its Healthcare Equality Index (HEI). The purpose of this study was to determine if the score organizations earned on the 2018 HEI dimension measuring LGBTQ client services and support correlated with organizations’ ANCC Magnet®recognition status, a distinction of nursing excellence.

Methods: Using a secondary data analysis approach, data obtained from HRC that specifically rated LGBTQ client services and support in 2018 HEI participating organizations (=626) were compared to the most recent inventory of ANCC Magnet®healthcare organizations (=477). 

Results: LGBTQ client services and support HEI scores positively correlated with Magnet®status (= .0002). 

Discussion: Provision of LGBTQ client services and Magnet®recognition is strongly related to higher quality nursing care, suggesting organizations earning Magnet®recognition provide more equitable services to its LGBTQ clients.

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