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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Madonna Performs Like A Prayer for Haiti Relief

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The Queen of Pop herself (no, not Lady GaGa–Even she must bow in Her Majesty’s presence) Madonna performed an acoustic rendition of her hit song “Like A Prayer” on the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon Friday:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Green Day ROCKS the Amway

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PX00236_9[1]In one of the best concert experiences I have ever had, rock band Green Day played an amazing show Wednesday night at Orlando’s Amway Arena. Most of the set list came from the band’s latest release 21st Century Breakdown and their platinum-smash hit album American Idiot. But, performances of their earlier hits (“Basket Case,” “Minority,” and “Good-Riddance–Time of Your Life”) also punctuated the two-and-a-half hour fully energized concert in-front of a loud and appreciative crowd. The band even pulled several people from the audience on-stage to participate. Keeping their faith (or, lack thereof), lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong “saved” one young concert-goer during the performance of “Before the Lobotomy” from 21st Century Breakdown. And a young guitarist helped the band during “Jesus of Suburbia” while 3 lucky singers entertained the crowd with their renditions of “Longview.” I have wanted to see Green Day live for a very long time. I am grateful I got to see perhaps the most talented band in music perform such a spectacular show! Green Day continues to show their high-level of musical talent and ability while maintaining their extreme popularity and amazingly unique rock sound which both characterizes them and places them high above any other band in rock music today.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New Tunes from Annie Lennox and Pet Shop Boys

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Some new tunes from Annie Lennox and the Pet Shop Boys have just been released. Annie Lennox’s new single “Shining Light” comes from her new album The Annie Lennox Collection, which was released by Sony Music on February 17th. “Shining Light” is a great pop-rock track with some very rich instrumentals that serve as a throwback to such Lennox hits as “Walking on Broken Glass” and “Little Bird.” The album contains 14 hit Lennox songs–all of which were recorded during Lennox’s solo career so don’t expect any Eurythmics’ tunes on this compilation. Lennox’s music has only improved as a solo artist so the songs on this album bode better than any of the songs the duo ever released.

This week saw the release of the new single “Love, Etc.” from the Pet Shop Boys, who have recently been working with pop sensation Lady GaGa on remixing her latest single “Love Game.” Yes, the new album from the Pet Shop Boys will be released on April 7th and if this first single is any indication, the album will probably be fantastic! The Annie Lennox Collection and “Shining Light” are available in retailers nationwide and for digital download from iTunes from Sony Music. Yes will be released April 7th from Astralwerks. To watch Annie Lennox’s new video “Shining Light,” visit YouTube @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoOaBsB30lU. Below is the new video “Love, Etc.” from the Pet Shop Boys featured in High Definition:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lady Gaga Coming to Orlando!

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ladygagathefame.jpgLady Gaga’s The Fame World Ball is coming to Orlando’s House of Blues on Monday April 6th, 2009!!! The show starts @ 7:00pm and the tickets are dirt cheap at only $18.25 each (probably around $24 after taxes and service fees). I will buy a handful of tix when they go on-sale THIS SATURDAY but if you want to go with us to the show, let me know ASAP and I will ensure I purchase you a ticket for the concert! Lady Gaga’s first release “Just Dance” from her debut album The Fame shot to number one on the Billboard charts and spent several weeks at the top spot. The Fame is also my pick for Best Album of 2008 and Lady Gaga opened for the New Kids on the Block back when I saw them in November. She is an amazing performer and singer. Don’t miss The Fame World Ball! Let me know if you want a ticket! This is great news for all those who are fans of the latest pop sensation!

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