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Monday, May 24, 2010

Disappointing Video

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A sad video surfaced yesterday that was posted by Army PFC Specialist Robert Rodriguez on his Facebook Page showing him harassing two young  Iraqi boys. Knowing the two do not speak English, he taunts them asking them if they are “fa**ots” and if they engage in certain homosexual acts. He then concludes his ridicule by asking them if they will grow-up to be terrorists. The youngsters, obviously attempting to show gratitude and agreement with whatever the soldier is saying, show approval by nodding yes and giving a “thumbs up” hand gesture. Rodriquez, who in no doubt is in absolute world of trouble with his superiors (and rightly so) says he was bored and wanted to entertain himself by making the video. While the video is repugnant and sad, please remember, as the one soldier interviewed mentions, this is not reflective of the majority of soldiers working hard in Iraq.

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